About Us

Focused on ICT total solutions and services to meet the ever-demanding and changing information technology needs.

The Company

Rafatech System Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% Bumiputra Company focused on ICT total solutions and services to meet the ever-demanding and changing information technology needs. Rafatech is involved in supplying ICT-related peripherals and services, application developments, network infrastructures, and ICT consultation services. Regarding project implementation, Rafatech will provide a complete set of services from the initial preliminary study, requirement study, implementation and training.

Rafatech experienced team and capable staff continuously seek to equip themselves with cost-effective and state of the art technology to ensure the continuous satisfaction of its clients.

Rafatech’s success in managing the delivery of our commitments is embedded in our people, knowledge, processes, methodologies, best practices, tools and techniques. Technical expertise is required to deliver the solutions; business and industry know-how are a plus factor in ensuring that clients’ requirements are solved.

Today in Information Technology Industry, Rafatech engages with various customer. We gain strong support from Government agencies, Corporate Bodies, manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and end-users. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive range of IT product, quality systems and services in this rapidly changing environment. With this in mind, we offer total solutions for turnkey projects which are also reflected in our delivery of other projects regardless of size and scale.

Mission & Vision

Rafatech believes in a Malaysian future where IT would be a significant contributing factor to our economy. As we advance into the third millennium, the need for cutting edge telecommunications and IT systems is inevitable. We, at Rafatech System Sdn. Bhd. are committed to supporting the country towards achieving this objective.

Our vision and mission is to be a leading ICT entity in Malaysia and beyond, to be a key player in providing the most reliable system solutions, to assist and propel our
clients into becoming regional and, perhaps, world leaders in their respective industries.

Our goal is to strive for outstanding quality and performance in all business aspects, this is characterized by “service through excellence and harmony” we protect our clients’ interest by ensuring good returns and satisfaction for their investment.